Feeling artsy? Do Show & Tell!

A Call for Artists to display their recent work at a new gallery venue in QC nearby Conspiracy Garden.

“What’s in it for us? The satisfaction of being an instrumental part of your artistic journey. Because we believe art should be sustained.”

“Show and Tell” is an exhibit of collections of prints to be launched on March 2011 at a new contemporary art space beside Conspiracy Garden Café (along Visayas Avenue , Quezon City ). The exhibit explores the idea of collecting—what people collect and why they collect—the cathartic effects of beholding a collection and the way the unspoken is articulated through the process of displaying possessions. The exhibit title also recalls childhood memories of bringing objects to show to the earliest kind of public space and talk about fond memories, desires, and ideas pertaining to the object within the earliest form of public discourse – that of the classroom during one’s formative years. Fresh idealism began through this form of articulation. “Show and Tell” also brings the private into the public – to be admired, subjected to critical reflections, and perhaps, desired.

Check out more details through their blog.


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