Walking Around

Seeing things through a new pair of eyes can really make you sit up and see interesting things about your environment. I was thinking about the show i was watching a few days earlier, Fun Taiwan, which showcased the many locales and interesting places in (you guessed it) Taiwan. I figured, Taiwan is a small country, yet this show really showcases a LOT of things that you can do while you’re there! Then i thought about where i was and how it took me a while to think about things to do here.

I guess routine really gets you at one point or the other, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate what you have! I decided to make a list of things and places that’s fun to do here in Makati. I may have not lived here long enough to be considered “true blue”, but this place has been so connected to work that i find myself not realizing how it too could be vivacious and vibrant with so many adventures and fun. Makati, if not touted as the business district, is also known to be a club/nightlife area. But i think there’s more to it than just bars and business. Being immersed in a place for so long, we seldom realize the many things we can easily access. So here’s my list. These are things and places, even simple joys that i have discovered in Makati that can easily make a day more enjoyable.

1) Ayala Triangle Park and One Ayala. Sit down under that canopy-like structure that connects two prominent buildings and admire the interesting architecture, or walk along the path in the newly renovated park area. The park itself is slowly being re-invented as a jogger-friendly place as well as a green environment that’s targeted to families. With the rise of a restaurant row i’m sure it will be a new place to hang out and enjoy the day for many workers and residents nearby.

2) The Heritage Library, just a stone’s throw from that aforementioned place showcases some lovely exhibits of photographs and other historical document. The library itself was once the control tower of the airport (which is the triangle site today). On weekends ans special dates you can join in one of the many photography workshops held in the library area.Whether you’re there for history or to see works of art, it’s a nice afternoon spent.

3) The Salcedo and Legazpi Parks. These parks are a weekend favourite haunt because of their weekend markets (Salcedo on Saturdays and Legazpi on sundays), filled to the brim with wonderful smells, amazing finds and gorgeous food items — definitely a feast for all senses! I can come in and grab brunch to go or check out the cool finds that range from plants for the home to locally-made home and beauty products.

4) Little Tokyo. Tucked away nearby Makati Cinema Square is a Little Tokyo, a lovely compound of awesome authentic japanese food and other items. When you’re inside the compound it feels like you’ve been transported to another place. The food is great and you have lots to choose from, but come early if you can, it can get busy pretty fast!

If you have any more suggestions, please share them!


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