Trippin’ at SAM

My weekend at Singapore proved to be too short even though it was a long weekend (yes, so many sights to see, so many food items to try…) but i made Singapore Art Museum part of my museum go-to itinerary, so it was awesome to be able to check it out while i was there. Ron of FlipTravels was based in SG right now, so we made our way through museums, good eats and other sight-seeing places for a day.

Singapore Art Museum is easily accessed by bus, MRT and taxi, situated along Bras Basah road and Queens (once you alight MRT Bras Basah, you are there!) and its neighboring extension, 8Q, is just a 2 minute walk (literally a stone’s throw away!) The museum is cozy, with lovely architecture and some very interesting and diverse exhibitions.

We were fortunate enough to have the lovely reception staff of SAM help us out in exploring the museum (many thanks Vincent and Adeline!), they even gave us directions to the next museum we were planning to check out after! SAM only a great place to explore and admire art, but it’s also a nice place with friendly assistance. 🙂

Even from the outside, the place was littered with art! These shiny sculptures really catch one’s eye! I am seriously crushing on several artworks (haha, wish i had the moolah to buy them) as well as lovin’ the cool paintings. The museum space may be small compared to the bigger museums in SG, but they pack a diverse round of works that make the visit worth it!

There were several exhibits happening, and we ventured to the “yellow ribbon” exhibit on the 2nd floor. These works of arts were created by inmates of the SG prison, and this way of recreation really shows that each person has a talent — i loved several paintings exhibit.

I wish that our prison would have a similar means of igniting hidden talent as part of the rehabilitation process. It just might discover the next wave of new artists! Other exhibitions of the museum ranged from the traditional (an exhibit of print and ink paintings from China) to the more contemporary (a group exhibit from several artists in asia, including a couple of pieces from the Philippines, seen below).

After walking through the rest of the exhibits, we checked out the lovely exhibit of Vincent Leow over at 8Q afterwards. This guy has some seriously cool work that i wouldn’t mind having in my home!

Of course, we didn’t mind having fun and trippin’ with these awesome pieces 😉

If you’re looking to experience a taste of the art scene, SAM is definitely a place not to be missed. Packed with a punch of art, visuals and interesting pieces ranging from the traditional to the contemporary, it simply shows a unique diversity that is similar to the rich diversity of SG itself.


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