APERCURE TAKE 2: benefit concert for Mang Danny on July30

UP Artists’ Circle Fraternity and College of Fine Arts Student Council presents


Mang Danny is the photography laboratory assistant in the College of Fine Arts. In FA (Fine Arts), it is so easy to befriend the professors, the guards and the maintenance crew. The students have developed a certain feeling of home within the college. Mang Danny is one of them.
Fun and cool is Mang Danny, the photography lab seems to be a little too quiet without his random laughter and the plucking of his guitar. He also serves as an instructor at times for he tries to watch over our projects inside the photo lab and tells us the to’s and not to’s.
Two years ago, he was diagnosed with diabetes. Due to his financial situation, he could not afford the hospital treatment, and that was when APERCURE started.

Through the help of our alumni and fellow students, we were able to aid Mang Danny with his ailment. With the success of the concert, Mang Danny is now on his way to recovery.
However, the road is still long. He needs medication to sustain his good health and condition. Now we present APERCURE 2 in support of our dear friend and pseudo-instructor, Mang Danny.

Band Performers:
kamikazee, pentavia, the drift, giniling festival, gupit binata x, verbacoma, mushroom avenue, manoy, balag, concrete sam, talata, discoball, ivan theory, vie, dragon, pacham, pgo he, daspan thesis and brick city

Ticket price: 120php

With the help of:
UP Artists’ Circle Sorority, UP Iris, Lunarock, IDEA, CAM, AVCOM and ALAY SINING


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