Old school reminscing

Remember when MTV had DJs Jamie, David Wu and Nonie? What about Danny McGill and Nadya? Yes, MTV viewers, like you i was stuck to the tube during my growing up years. That for me was a magical decade. The 90’s may have come and gone, but i’ve been reminiscing about it a lot lately. I know, i know, it’s crappy and oh-so-cheesy to reminisce about times gone by.

Anyway, going back to the 90’s. When MTV was born in 1980, it was new. By the 90’s it was filled to the brim with awesome shows like HeadBangers’ Ball, MTV playlist and yes, a chockfull of animated shows which had a lot of humor, witty dialogue and very few reality shows (yes, there was no MTV reality channel then!)

Road Rules was an exciting adventure show, The Real World was the predeccesor for any reality tv show and yes, SIngled Out was a fun way to get a date. Mad Maxx was awesome, Daria is forever cool and staying up meant watching surreal videos that not only MADE sense but also were visually arresting, sans the over-hyped animation effects. The music was an audiophile’s heaven. x

Mazzy Star

It’s awesome to hear bands like Gin Blossoms, Nirvana and The Lemonheads again after so long. It brings me back to high school days and early college years, when everything seemed to be all about the music— no shiny video (well, some of it yes) to mask a really annoying and stupid song, no nonsensical lyrics (yes i’m talking about you, Ke$ha!) or pseudo-angsty persona (hello, Avril) to promote yourself. Emotions came in various forms, from the bittersweet melodies of Mazzy Star and the Sundays to the angsty yet strangely euphoric sounds of the Smashing Pumpkins. The music was an audiophile’s heaven. From the eclectic to the mainstream, it was lovely to listen to.

It’s lovely to hear Evan Dando croon his heart out to you with melodic melancholy songs without sounding so damn pathetic, or have the Gin Blossoms rock out your innermost insecurities with an edgy vibe. Nothing makes depression or inner angst more sexy than Nirvana’s Curt Cobain as he angrily sings out the lyrics with an acoustic set.

Ahh, those were the days.


2 thoughts on “Old school reminscing

  1. Hey just came across your blog while searching for MTV Headbanger’s Ball 90’s playlists, was searching for it cause I kinda used to write down each song on the playlist and attempt to source it somehow(how hard was that in the 90’s without mp3’s 🙂 and me being in India)

    Anyways yeah great to know another person remembers the same stuff with the cool 90’s playlists MTV had on, compared to whats on today! Pretty much shaped my life it did 🙂

    Had a band in the 90’s check our music out at http://cusp.bandcamp.com
    Good going with your designs and pics!

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