“Rainy Days and Mondays…

…always get me down”, as the Carpenters would sing.

Normally i’d disagree, but today was an exception. My flu has blossomed to a full-blown runny nose-bad throat-coughing fit over the weekend and trust me, it’s NOT pretty. The days since last week has been splashed with rainy afternoons and VERY hot mornings,which has only added to the stress and sickness-inducing weather we’ve been having. So yes, Karen, i agree with you right now.

I think it’s that time of the year where everybody gets sick. My stress levels have been tested since last month, with a pending deadline that made me see the light of day, and as manifestation of said stress, my face broke out, with a sty to boot, and i caught the flu with a side of fever. Natch!

Still, i’m hopeful that this week will not be worse than what i’ve been through these past weeks. I don’t think i can survive another sty (that cost me a lot to pay for meds and the doctor), let alone another sick day (crap, my savings are going down the drain!).

Here’s to hoping there will be better (less-stressful) days ahead.


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