Brooklyn & Manila: On The Search For A New Sound.

Brooklyn & Manila
On The Search For A New Sound.

Eggar’s work is breathtaking… a deliverance from the sedate formality of the typical cello recital.” – The New York Times

His training as a graduate from Harvard and Julliard School’s Doctorate Program is paired well with his prolific experience, having worked with the likes of Evanescence, The Who, Josh Groban, Coldplay, Pearl Jam, Duncan Sheik, Bon Jovi and Alex Skolnick.

Creating Collaborations Never Heard Before

The Brooklyn-Manila Project:

June 18 – M Cafe : DJ Heavy Boogie / DJ Badkiss / Dave Eggar

June 19 – Izakaya : Liquid A / Morse / Kishore / Dave Eggar

June 21 – Cubao X : Kaya Green Band / Francis Lorenzo (of
Sleepwalk Circus)

June 22
– Route 196 : The Camerawalls / Your Imaginary Friends /
Swissy / Dave Eggar

June 23 – Saguijo : Encounters with a Yeti / Sleepwalk Circus /
Drip / Radioactive Sago Project / Dave Eggar

June 24 – B – Side : Kadangyan / Nykó Macá presents GAFiEiRA /
Playground / Beatbox Phils/ Funkroots /
Escola de Samba / Dave Eggar

Presented by & Catch 21
Brought To You By: Jack Daniel’s
Special Thanks To: Bacchus Energy Drink
With Media Partners: Jam 88.3, Wave 89.1, 99.5RT, UR105.9 and Young Star


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