the twenty-something rant

spoiler alert: rant ahead. Feel free to move on or ignore.

When i was young, i’d relish the day i could finally be an “adult”. So much freedom, so much opportunity it promised. Be nice, be good and it will be given to you. Life will be ok. People will be kind, and good and treat you with respect. Be yourself. I was hopeful, idealistic about so many things. As i grew older i began to see the little cracks on those things and ideals i found “perfect”. Those little nuggets of wisdom i was fervently reminded growing up were shattered little by little by the very people i looked up to and who told me that by doing these things my life would be ok.

Adulthood has, unfortunately, given me nothing but crap. Freedom? Try taxes and overwhelming responsibility. Opportunity? Try oppressive guilt brought about by numerous years of Catholic education. Being kind meant getting taken advantage of, and to speak up is to offend someone else, and be shunned for your outspoken manner. What the hell happened? This whole concept of tradition and conservative nature is wearing thin amongst a progressive timeline. We try so hard to keep up with the times yet are tied down to our so-called “traditions”, mostly summed up by rules that hinder our voice and transitions, especially from a very difficult situation.

We were brought up in a country that is filled with guilt (mostly) and taught since we were young not to question the traditions of our lives. But these so-called traditions have constantly kept us second-guessing ourselves to the point that we can barely make a solid decision. Now that i am close to a milestone, i am frustrated beyond my patience on how and why these nuggets of wisdom were even passed on in the first place. As aware as i am that the world is NOT an ideal place, these notes on how to live by people who assume that they are above these so-called guidelines irk me to my boiling point. Why do you even utter this crap when you yourselves don’t follow them?

Some people are just seriously f*cked up.

A resolution to this rant? Hmmm. Even though i am still seriously pissed,i am hopeful that there are STILL some good in people, and some GOOD people left in this world. I can only hope for good vibes from them and karma on these people.


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