Big Bang Win

Four ultra-intelligent guys + one super sweet/cute/midwest gal = awesome ❤
Big Bang Theory has always brought me to stitches with its hilarity and geek-inspired humor.

Its oddly-misplaced yet lovable characters are just funny, and throughout the series develop into some pretty complex characters, in spite of their stereotypes. It’s awesome to see this development, especially while mixing the complexity of science into some social situational comedy (FYI, their scientific babble is actually backed up by facts, much like the Eureka series).

Of course, those comics/superheroes/online games-related talk has also fueled my love for this series. Admit it, there’s an inner geek and nerd in all of us that relates to these characters! I always find myself grinning like an idiot as i watch every episode. With a cast like this, you can see why it works and what makes the show pretty infectious to watch.

What’s not to love about this series? It’s just adorable!


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