2nd time’s the charm

During the first two weeks of this month, we had two long weekends due to official holidays and religion-related events (I guess that’s one of the perks of being a Catholic country). Nonetheless, it was opportunity to try out and re-try new things, a time for conscious (and perhaps unconscious) pondering and yes, inevitable boredom if one has chosen not to decide on anything.

Unlike most people i know who drive out of the metro during this hallowed long weekend, i chose to stay in. The city is like a wonderland of sorts during this time, devoid of noise and seemingly restless activity, its streets cleared of people and uncluttered by things whizzing by. It’s magical.

It also gave me time to think, hang and do absolutely ANYTHING i wanted to do without the crunch of time or traffic. That said, it then made perfect sense to me to have something I’ve always wanted to do again but never had time to do so: get my second ink.

It’s been a LONG time since i got inked. My first one was in college, and needless to say, it was a decision that went something like this: instant decision + excitement at an alarming rate, a.k.a., something done on a whim. I had lived with this for more than a decade now, and most people are still surprised to know i got inked. (Er, hello people…) Anyway, this 2nd one has been something I’ve been thinking about for some time now, and although i DID schedule it to a certain day, on that particular friday i was so psyched that i was able to convince my tattoo artist to reschedule and the luvey to drive all the way to QC to get it done. So, well into the afternoon, we drove through a relatively car-less EDSA and found ourselves in Teacher’s Village.

We drove to my old neighborhood, where the shop, 55 Tinta, was located. Seeing the familiar streets lined up with new stores, faces and thingamajigs made me miss my old place(s) a bit. It was nice to see some thing(s) that haven’t changed since i was last here. Owned by a couple of college pals, i was happy to run into a couple of familiar faces. We got in the shop and were greeted by Shellby, my tat artist. Originally it was gonna be done by Mia, but since she’s well into her pregnancy, her hubby Shellby was gonna do it instead.

Having the design in mind made the decision making a relatively easy one. It was the waiting that had me a bit iffy. While the artist was busily working out the final details of the design (we made a few modifications on the original design i made to “make it look prettier”), i sat with the luvey watching a guy get his ink — he looked like he’s been there a while too. I wonder if mine would take as long. It’s been a long time since my first tat that i was mentally preparing myself for the worst. After all, my pain threshold hasn’t been tested for quite some time. I imagined in my head several scenarios, most of them ending up with me bleeding all over the floor, but then again that’s just my imagination running around like crazy.

The session, which finally started after we got the set-up done, was a bit of a shock. The needle biting into my skin was alien yet strangely familiar all at the same time. There were mirrors nearby but i forced myself not to look for i knew that i would just make myself queasy and anxious. The slightly amped drilling that so reminded me of my trips to the dentist started filling the room and i braced myself for more pain. With my design slightly bigger than i anticipated, i KNEW that this was gonna be a bit more painful than my last tat.

I secured my sanity with my trusty iPod, having downloaded several episodes of my fave sitcoms to keep me busy and occupied while my artist, Shellby, did his magic. His tips on breathing and a trusty stress ball also did some help in keeping the pain at bay. So was the smiling assurance that the luvey was giving me from time to time, checking out the progress while taking photos. I think that made me relax the most, having him there 🙂 The session was mostly quiet, brief and peppered with intermissions of talks with my galpal Mia , her hubby and my luvey.

Two hours later i emerged, inked and still breathing. It was lovely to see the finished work, and even lovelier to have spent all that time bonding again with Mia, as well as getting a lowdown of the neighborhood and the peeps. Urbanfaerie inked unto me, and i am happy. 2nd time’s the charm, indeed. With this new ink i am psyched with what can happen next 🙂


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