Tax Plastic bag use

Reading this article from GOOD on effective ways to reduce plastic & consumer waste, I was intrigued at the notion that going green can not only be a lifestyle that is chosen, but also imposed unto a nation to further elevate the awareness and transition into eco-living. Most certainly these ways are easily attainable and can be done so by people in this country. So why not?

I think the most appropriate would be #1: Tax plastic bags. People in HK pay an extra 20 cents to have their purchases put in plastic. Irish people have also implemented the same ideal. So why can’t we? With the rise of recyclable and reusable bags in the city, this will only further efforts of USING them, not merely for “fashion” or single-use. Most people who buy into reusable bags only get to use their bags once or twice and often forget to bring them around, ending up purchasing with plastic bags. Need i say it: eco-FAIL. Taxing (or at least adding an extra amount for the plastic prior to bagging items bought) will make the consumer more conscious in bringing his/her bag to save up on unnecessary expenses as well as continue on with greener solutions into his/her life.


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