Beauty and the Best

In an effort to distract myself from the pitfalls of the grind, i checked out my fave sites to see what’s new with fashion and beauty. In the recently-concluded Grammys, for example, everyone i liked seemed to go for something sleek (go figure, literally) and surprisingly, beige or nude-colored pieces. I wonder if this trend is a pre-summer thing. It did range from the gorgeous (like Keri Hilson) to the extreme (hello Lady G’s customized look) so if anything, there was lots to look at. See more of Grammys fashion here.

Going over to Vogue UK’s beauty trends for 2010 spring/summer, i’m lovin’ the twist they have for braids. It’s such a breezy, carefree look that’s easily translatable from day to night. I’m glad i didn’t cut my hair 😛

Still lusting over those Jimmy Choos for H&M — not sure if they still have these on stock in HK (or if they sold them in this part of the world). These are pretty sweet!


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