i think iPad, i think iPod…

pic courtesy of MSNBC.com

This whole breakthrough of the newest Apple baby, IPad, sounds suspiciously like a Kindle-wanna be, plus the functions of the iPod. Needless to say, all those months of speculation were laid to rest earlier today when, during the Apple invite-only event, the rumors of a tablet computer were confirmed.

The iPad is “our most advanced technology in a magical & revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.”, Steve Jobs quotes. The iPad is said to weigh about 1.5 pounds, is about 0.5 inch thin with a 9.7-inch display, ideally having a battery life of 10 hours — something that is yet to be determined by its user. With a keypad attachment and a touch screen capability, it’s marketed to be a replacement for books (the feel is something similar to handling a paper document or book as it can be held vertically or horizontally) and at the same time, a touchscreen, keyboard-less laptop. So what do you think? Is it worth the $500 expense?

I’m not much of a touchscreen fan (my tactile ability is a bit aggressive, hence most touch screen devices don’t last that long with me), but the weight and seamless/clean design does have its appeal. Its added features (can be used as an alarm clock, a photo frame, portable dvd player, and file storage among other things) certainly give it a much-needed boost. My suspicions that this is actually targeted to the female audience began to surface when i noticed that this could be used as a mirror for the woman on the go. Not only that, it becomes an electronic planner, dvd player and *gasp* electronic photo album! Even the name sounds so feminine. Man, i can’t wait to see the marketing on this one.

A few questions still are unanswered though: The open-faced characteristic of this laptop makes it prone to scratches/chinks, would Apple include a hard-plastic cover/accessory for this? Also, given Apple’s penchant of introducing newer versions of the same product within a short span of its launch, buying one at this time seems risky. How soon until the next updated version?

Additional questions after some more musings:

Where do i attach the mouse/USB/headphones?

Why does the name sound so …weird?

Why didn’t they include a pen with this?

Does it come in pink?

Time will pretty much tell us how this latest gadget will do in the market. For now i think i’ll stick to my non-touchscreen laptop and enjoy its oldschool charm.

Check out the liveblog for more info (a great livefeed/blog from Gizmondo).


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