FanGirl moment 2009

This post is long overdue. I’ve been swamped with so many deadlines and events smooshed into a few days that i literally had no time to sit down, and compose my thoughts. Even as i type this, so many things are distracting me from writing clearly so i apologize in advance for my seemingly incoherent gushings.

James Jean's latest Fables cover

For most designers or artists, meeting someone whose work you truly admire makes even the most jaded artist shut up and stare in awe. I’ve seldom had that chance, but recently I’ve had the opportunity to meet James Jean when he dropped by Manila for a few days of signing. A three day stint of signing and meeting the fans at Fully Booked, as well as a talk at Benilde, I was psyched to meet him!

His illustrations are hauntingly beautiful, and mainly the reason why i started collecting FABLES, a series of graphic novels.

My good friend Roel was very nice and sweet to hang out with me while i waited for my turn —he even took pictures of me while i was having my books signed! While we waited we checked out the exhibit of Jean’s works which was displayed all over the store. I was really impressed by the detail and composition of his illustrations. Even his “scribbles and doodles” are exceptionally executed which makes me just love his work even more.

So there I stood in line, along with the rest of his Pinoy fans patiently waiting for my turn at Fully Booked, eagerly thinking of what to say to him when my turn comes up.

While waiting for my turn i was able to say hello to some friends and acquaintances who were also there to have their books signed. It’s fascinating to see so many fans, each with their own slew of books/comics and other items — so far, a great response from Manila 🙂 When it was finally my turn, i was ecstatic — i only brought three books for him to sign, and those were the best (well, my fave) of the lot. Hooray!

It’s very rare that you get to meet someone who has a big influence on you in some way, so for those who have gotten to meet their idols, you know the feeling — your heart beats really fast, your mind races of a dozen billion witty things to say and up to the last moment, you clamor for courage to speak up. Then, when that time comes, you just get dazed and get blown away by the moment that you pretty much forget what you thought you’d say in the first place.

Well, that was pretty much me during those few minutes of waiting for him to finish signing my books —small chitchat, a goofy grin plastered on my face and clammy hands. I hope that whatever i was sprouting in front of him made sense, because it sure didn’t to me :-O

Ok, so my meeting was a mere few minutes, and i’m betting he’s probably forgotten my name or what i look like by now, but hey, i got to meet him! And i even got to talk to him even for a few short blathering minutes (LOL!) He was quiet, accommodating and nice enough to have a picture taken with me 🙂

It was such a pleasure to meet this amazing talented guy who’s patient enough to sign all those books, cards, papers and what-have-yous and still managed to conjure a smile and take time for each fan. So Mr. Jean, thank you for making my year with this fangirl moment 😀


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