Thank you and keep ’em coming! (A postcard project update)

Thank you again to those who have purchased the Urbanfaerie Postcard sets!

As of this time, we were able to raise P2000 for donations. We’ll be depositing this next week to Red Cross’ account.

As this is an ongoing project, you can still purchase the postcard sets and donate/help typhoon victims. You can buy them at Canteen + Trilogy (110 Rada st., Legazpi Village, Makati City — they’re by Canteen’s area) or you can also pm me if you would like to purchase it directly.

For those in Iloilo, you can contact mobile (09152894033) for your orders. Please leave you name +contact info and the number of orders so we can communicate with you the best way to meet up/send your set(s).

Thank you again for your generosity and kindness! Keep ’em coming! Maraming Salamat po!


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