Baguio Bound

(This is a long overdue entry — i meant to post this earlier, but with the recent typhoons, i was unable to do so to disseminate information.)

Over the long weekend before all the rains happened, we were able to visit Baguio. Baguio, known for its lush mountainside scenery, cool weather and very idyllic scene, is known to be the summer capital of the Philippines. It is also a 5-6 hour car/bus drive from the metro.

First off, i’m not a big fan of long travels, especially by land. The whole idea of going to Baguio daunted me, especially on a long weekend. Most of the time traveling on holidays would mean HUGE crowds and LONG travel times because of traffic. There i was, inside the car with the bf and our friends, praying that the trip would be a lot less complicated that i imagined it to be.

View from above

View from above

I was fortunate — the ride went smoother and easier than i imagined! While it took us longer since we took the “scenic route”, it was nice that we got to talk, chat up and enjoy some good music on the way there, making the travel less tiring. And while Baguio may seem like eons away, arriving there made the trip worthwhile. A cool breeze, bouts of mist and a seemingly quiet neighborhood greeted us when we finally reached the outskirts of the city.

cold cloudy neighborhood morning

cold cloudy neighborhood morning

I haven’t been back for a long while now, so it was a lovely surprise to come back to it and experience life on the mountains, even for a short trip. We stayed at a friend’s house, which was a few kilometers from the city. The place was quiet, with a lovely view of the mountains and a very quiet neighborhood. The weather, surprisingly, was wet and rainy — still, the cold was a welcome from the city heat.

Because of this, our trips to the city itself was limited, only grabbing a few supplies for the house and some riding along the busy (busier) streets of Baguio for a quick look-around.

In spite of the rain, we managed to have a quick bite at Cafe by the Ruins (just after lunch, so we avoided the rush!) and check out SM City (still busy and crowded as ever) to grab supplies and other what-have-yous we could find. After more driving around the city, we topped off the afternoon with merienda at The Manor. Their desserts were wonderful indeed! Truly a pleasant way to round up an afternoon of exploration and sight-seeing (of sorts).



The clouds have been laying low over our weekend stay, so it was lovely to cozy up in the house and do some “fire-tending”, otherwise known as “that favorite activity you do when there’s a fireplace available“. Aside from poker and a few rounds of UNO, we managed to occupy ourselves and enjoy the easy breezy weather — even did some cooking “over the hearth”! Indeed, with the steadfast rain and the cold winds during the evening, it was a wonderful way to enjoy the night in.

fire! fire!

fire! fire!

On our last day, i was kinda sad to head home — the weather may be cold, but after two days of being there, it felt really nice (i get acclimated easily). It was a bit surreal to experience all that in two days only to go back to “reality: again. Still, it was one of the fun trips i’ve had for this year. I’m hoping that when Baguio calls again, i’ll be staying for a few more days longer. I hope that i get to do that very soon.

IMPORTANT NOTE:* Due to the typhoon Pepeng (Parma) Baguio, along with other northern towns, has been depleted of its beauty and is very slowly rebuilding itself. Relief operations are still ongoing to provide its residents food, shelter and other needs. There is much to be done, and many to help. We welcome donations of cash and kind, as well as volunteer assistance. If you would like to donate/help, you can send your donations through RED CROSS, ABS CBN Foundation or GMA Kapuso Foundation (please refer to my previous posts on other information details). Help us rebuild the north. Thank you.


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