Window Wednesday: Static Moment

Static Moment is a site by (then) 18-year old Artur Neufeld. He has commissioned projects with clients such as Vertigo, EvokeOne and Kitsune Noir. I love how his works are mainly a mixture of typography (beautifully designed) and 3D (elaborately done). Aside from this, he also dabbles into animation, photography and Tshirt designs. His range of creativity is truly inspiring. You can check out what he’s been up to through his blog.


One thought on “Window Wednesday: Static Moment

  1. wow thank you for linking to my site and my blog 🙂 i know, my portfolio is not up2date anymore, but my blog is updated nearly everyday, but i do not have many visitors, so i am happy about every link to me ;). im not sure how my site will develop, currently i am more into photography than design and commisioned work… things change, i change, lets see where it will go

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