Apartment therapy

I’ve been stuck at home for most of this week due to my sprained ankle. Needless to say, the so-called “homemaker” in me has decided to get busy and go through things around the house — goodness! i cannot believe how much i’ve accumulated over the past two years! It’s time for some much needed scouring and decision making on what’s needed to make the place more organized. These two items are top on my list right now to help me out in this dilemma:

The nifty bamboo entry butler is pretty cool and can definitely help me organize my stuff in the apartment. That will pretty much reduce space usage (no more catch-all on my kitchen table!) and give me a nice area to hang my keys (instead of me fishing them out of my catch all every time…)

These Spot-On! hooks will definitely give more breathing space in the kitchen — my pots and pans don’t have to keep falling off (the dent on my fave pan is a cruel reminder how TINY my kitchen area is)!

Of course, my favourite way to de-clutter my house is to separate what’s to be sold off/given away/donated and what’s to be left behind. This of course, brings about a massive digging into clothes, home items and other items of interest in the effort to accumulate items which i donate to charity. That for me is the great reward of “apartment therapy”— Just because you don’t have any use for it doesn’t mean it’s not useful anymore. De-cluttering enables you to really look into your stuff and see what you need (and don’t need), as well as give you a chance to extend an item’s value by giving it to someone who can use it. That way, it’s not just being thrown out!

What’s your favourite way to de-clutter your area? Share your ideas! 🙂


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