window wednesday: Xroad Philippine Sea Salts

XRoads Philippine Sea Salts are natural sea salts made in the Philippines, packaged in the local woven nipa (local palm fibers and leaves). The sustainability factor is that it benefits those who create not only the salts but also those who make the packaging, and it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The packaging is truly sustainable, and yes, it’s been a staple in our history for the longest time. So why, may i ask, wasn’t this done sooner? Oh well. Needless to say, i am loving the product AND the packaging — it’s unique, flavorful (literally and figuratively, you figure out how) and really makes an impact, so much so that The Dieline actually featured it in its blog.

I do wonder if it is available here though, since the site suggests it’s an export product — any one who may have information where i can get this locally? Many thanks.


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