Weekend fun

Last weekend i was able to get my butt off the couch and check out two events. I headed out to the first day of the Metro Komikon to get my TRESE book signed (check!) as well as get me some nifty toys to add to my collection (check! check!). From Marvel superheroes to the latest anime character you can think of (i’m not up to date with it, sorry), you have it: geared up geishas, red-eyed katana welding samurais and other costumed heroes roamed the Megamall Trade Hall.

As expected, the place was swarming with fanboys (and girls), cosplay-clad beings, comics and toys, lots of it. But interestingly enough, it was great to see not only a lot of fans but also writers and illustrators of pinoy comics at the event, trading stories, signing autographs and meeting their fans. I was lucky enough get both Budjette and Kajo’s autographs for my book! whee!
Got me some cool new toys (a set of Tim Burton’s Oyster Boy and friends) as well as some cute rings from the TRESE booth (yes, i am safe from all the aswangs and freaks!).

From there i headed to High Street, The Fort for the opening of the Manila Design Week, where they had a public art exhibit and mural collabo among the various local design outfits.
Music streaming in, paint fumes covering the area, guests milling around and lots of creative energy jumping around — sweet.
Guest designer Ron English was there painting away as the murals were worked on. Guest bands closed off the party with cool songs (which i missed since i had to go so early…boo!) but i’m pretty sure they all rocked the night away. Over all, a good weekend spent. Can’t wait for saturday’s conference to top it all off!

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