window wednesday: Flip’n Travels

Flip’n Travels is the brainchild of travellers/bloggers/photographers/backpacking enthusiasts Ron Cuz and Monette Fernandez. In this blog they chronicle their travels in and out of the country, detailing the nuances and quirks of traveling on a shoe string budget while checking out the not-so-touristy spots of the place.

With fantastic photographs to share their experiences, this site was (not surprisingly) nominated for the blog awards. It’s also been noted as a great reference site for newbie travelers, as they give great advice on how to get around, what pitfalls to avoid and where to find the best places to score a good deal. Indeed, the personal touch that comes in every entry is like having a friend give you pointers on how to get from a to b, simple yet effective.

So if you’re looking for inspiration to travel, check out this site. Its lovely photos and great tips can easily persuade you to pack your bags, grab a ticket and head out to your next adventure, sans the worry of money and/or activities.

*pictures courtesy of flipntravels

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