window wednesday: Urban Sketchers

Urban Sketchers sound like a shoe brand, but don’t be fooled. They’re an amazing group of illustrators and artists who, armed with their trusty sketchbooks/pads and pens, sketch a detail of the view around them. I feel like i’ve literally taken a trip with them, seeing sights and everyday found objects in the wake. From people to buildings to everyday things (like coffee food or a simple cup), each drawing tells a story of its own, rendered by its maker to show a vibe, a feel to their surroundings.

Poring over the dozens of works by their various members around the world, i am struck in awe by the magnitude of awesome work— it is inspiring to see such detail and graceful curves of the lines sweeping across the paper to create such a beautiful view. After checking this site out, i promised myself to make more of an effort to sketch during my free time — i hope i can do more of this soon and post up some of my work here as well ;-P

As their manifesto swears, they “show the world,one drawing at a time”. Indeed, they show it through such creative and inspiring ways!


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