Beauty Love

pictures courtesy of Nylon Mag

It sucks not to have Target in my part of the world. It sucks even more when you see something online you immediately covet, but can’t buy it since you well, since you can’t (well, i can’t anyway). But on to the more important thing: beauty stuff.

I admit, i’m not much of a makeup fan, but every now and then my inner girly girl gives me a mental shake which drives me to buy all the cosmetics i can (and can’t) use, or, in the instance of actually being in the same area where a Target store is, raid the cosmetics aisle. I usually end up buying more makeup than i could use, but i do love the instant gratification of finding that perfect lipgloss, eye shadow or color palette.

The Eye Crème Glow set, Rose Lustre Duo and the Duo Cheek Crèmes by Pixi is getting me glassy-eyed with lust. They’re the stuff on the not so pricey range, but are definitely more than they are worth! Now, if only i can get me some of that Anna Sui collection too, my face will be as happy as my inner girly girl 😀


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