Change Starts with You

Change starts with You

Change starts with us, by doing something about it. By taking the first step, deciding a choice or taking action, we start and make change happen. Never underestimate the power of taking that first step.

As Michael Jackson sang: “I’M STARTING WITH THE MAN IN THE MIRROR” — no truer words have been sung. I am a believer of leading by example, and i applaud the change catalysts out there. I think our nation needs more of these. We need to stop complaining and actually DO something. By taking that first step, we can actually achieve something and not just whine about it. Changing lives can be done as easily as changing your perspective of it. From there we can see things more clearly and make choices that can progress that change.

“If we wanna make the world a better place let’s take a look at ourselves and make that change…”


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