(Roughly translated: “The flame of your heart in your chest is alive” ) I just love KikoMachine!

KikoMachine is the brainchild of Manix Abrera, writer/illustrator extraordinaire whose comics show the varied everyday adventures of his characters, presumably set in the campus of the state university.

It’s in Filipino, so for those not in the know of the Filipino language, you gotta read up and learn on it to appreciate it for its words, not just its pictures.

The theme as well as the jokes, satire and innuendos, etc., are deeply rooted into one of two things (or both): State U life and being Pinoy, specifically a UP student/teacher. It also expounds on the sometimes nonsensical world of the filipino language and distinct mannerisms. Of course, issues of love, relationships, politics and everything else is covered — there is even a book volume covering LOVE and all its trappings (hehehe).

On another note, the images can pretty much speak for themselves — Abrera’s expressive motley crew of characters pretty much spell it out with their facial expressions and wry stances, which not only succinctly show the witty statements, but also give it an extra punch.

For me though, it’s a nice stroll into memory lane of my life as a student in UP. The “adventures” of the book (concert happenings, freshmen year, social gatherings , even exams week) is chronicled deep into the series, with amusing scenarios that are familiar to each and every student/teacher. It’s so cool how Abrera mirrors a chapter with brevity and humor that appeals to every person who reads this.

Grab a copy (or two, or all five!) at your favourite bookstore and treat yourself to some well-deserved laughs.


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