Make that Change

Michael Jackson, whose untimely death was a shock to the world, will be missed dearly. My earliest memories of him started with his solo album (while i am more familiar with his 2nd effort, his “Off the Wall” hits were pretty catchy that it still carried on way into the 80’s) , where he entranced me with his dance moves and amazing songs, not to mention his awesome videos (i can safely say he set the standard for today’s music videos).

Amid all the hullabaloo about his death, his eccentricities and other stories, i am grateful for his loving and giving spirit, exemplified by his many acts of humanitarian effort, be it through his world tours, charity projects or his music.

Here’s one song of his i am truly in awe with, one that still gives me goosebumps every time i hear it.  I was lucky enough to find the video that came from the MoonWalker movie (or extended video, as i called it before) — it still brings tears to my eyes hearing him sing it.

Thank you Michael, for being part of my childhood and for the wonderful memories they bring.  Rest in Peace,  Moonwalker.


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