Of all the kitties in the world…

Lily Allen rocks it best! The Nylon article “kitty-fies” some of its celeb cover girls and this one made me smile the brightest. Who do you think is the fiercest?

That said, I think Hello Kitty is da shiznit — she’s been one of my fave Japan kawaii mascot since i was little and i’m so happy that everybody’s saluting her awesome presence. I am jonesing fo rthis fab MAC Hello Kitty lootbag:

Isn’t it lovely? The colors are wicked cool too, but what really gets me is the artful packaging they have on these babies. I am just as smitten (as a kitten) with their ad:

It reminds me a lot of Alice in Wonderland with a wicked twist of Japanese kitsch, a bit long for my taste — it could have been a music video with the direction. Still, it’s a fabulous way to celebrate the world’s most fashionable minx! Ooh-lala indeed!


2 thoughts on “Of all the kitties in the world…

  1. I am loving that hello kitty stuff, but Lily Allen, actually no, not Lily Allen, celebrities in general bore the crap out of me. I quite liked that song ‘Alfie’ about her brother, but I can’t say I like much else about her. Adoring the hello kitty merch though πŸ˜€

    • The NYlon Mag kitty mugshots are just adorable, but of all the celebs they had there, Lily looked the cutest πŸ™‚ Yep, The Hello Kitty Merch rocks big time!!! *heart*

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