A Scrubs moment

Boy, was I ecstatic to hear that Scrubs is getting picked up for another season! The 9th season may not necessarily have Zach Braff on for the entire season, but it will have certainly him guest starring in 6 episodes to make the transition smoother, as the show focuses more on the happenings around Sacred Heart. Regulars like Neil Flynn (the Janitor) and Donald Faison (Dr. Turk) will still be in on the fun, as well as the new crew (interns from the last season, including Eliza Coupe (Denise) and Sonal Shah (Sunny). Yay indeed!

I was so happy that i started re-watching my scrubs episodes. Scrubs is truly amazing in that it not only shows a healthy dose of humor, it also gives some interesting (if not zany) perspective into medical life. Combining humor, zany antics, drama and music, Scrubs hits the mark every time. Here’s one of my favourite Scrubs moment, back in the day — just one of the many reasons why i love this show. Enjoy!


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