Window Wednesday: Earth Day Special

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

For this special Window Wednesday i’ve decided to search out some fine ideas, events, things to do and sites you might enjoy checking out in keeping in touch with what to do for Earth Day. We can all pitch in to make this world a better home for us and future generations! Starting small is the first step to greater things!

10 Things to do on Earth Day:

1) Do one (1) thing that you have not done before for the environment today. From taking an hour out of your time to turn off your lights, etc. to carpooling to work, DO IT. All it takes is the FIRST STEP.

2) Consider it your start of Bring a Bag day! Start bringing your own bag for produce/shopping items/stuff you might pick up. It doesn’t have to be fancy, bring a sturdy cloth bag for your goods and get rid of the useless and needless plastic bags!

3) Enjoy the sun and fun with green thoughts in mind — be mindful of your waste and carbon footprint, especially when vacationing on our beloved beaches! Greenpeace teaches you to save Boracay with easy steps you can do.

4)  Say NO! to Nuclear Power!

5) Check out the local listings of events and programs near your area and get active!

6) Calculate your carbon footprint.

7) While you’re at it, teach your kids (or younger brothers and sisters) the lesson of caring for our planet.  Plant a tree, grow a garden or even start small by caring for a plant. Let your kids know that in caring and nurturing, there is growth and life.

8) Check out the 11th Hour and An Inconvenient Truth to get some reality check. showing on your local and cable listings.

9) Have a drink at P40 off at Starbucks by bringing in your tumbler or cup when you buy on April 22 and 23, 2009 (only applies to stores in the Philippines).

10) Check out more trivia, facts and stuff to do on


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