Sunday Gathering

Post-Easter thoughts: It’s always lovely to spend time with friends, and it gets lovelier when you spend it with them in a comfortable and relaxing pace. Cyrille and Ana invited us over for lunch, with mouth-watering food, catch-ups with cocktails and lots of Wii action (not to mention some egg-hunting for the kids). One of the highlights i had for that day was the amazing food we all got to enjoy, from the delicious green mangoes with salt and toyo (soy sauce) to the fantastic spread of foie grais, delicious bread, potato salad and braised veal (i didn’t get to have some,though — though i was thisclose to saying goodbye to not eating meat) … mmm, just the thought of it makes me want to have some again! We had so much fun we ended up having dinner there too! Spending the days with the Soenens was a wonderful way to spend Easter Sunday, which was filled with lots of fun, good food and great company


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