Window Wednesday: Holy Week

For window Wednesday, i would like to share with you guys a trip i recently took. My friends and i went to San Pablo, Laguna to see the Holy Week parade.

Holy Week is a major holiday here in the Philippines, so much so that Maudy Thursday and Black Friday are non-working holidays. This gives people a chance to go home to their provinces, or head out of the city to visit relatives, hear mass and participate in the religious festivities. One of my friends has a relative in town, and we were fortunate enough to be housed in their home for the duration of this trip.

During this time of penance and holy observance before Easter Sunday, we were lucky enough to catch not one, but three parades hosted by the various community organizations and families of the town of San Pablo, Laguna.

For me however, it was far more interesting to capture the ferver and interest of the people who watched it — here are some of my favourite shots of the parade.
soldier boys

You can view more here.

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