Digging Up the Past, Setting up a Future

UrbanFaerie, circa five or so years ago

Recently i’ve come across my old deviantart gallery, a gallery i created five years ago with the sole intention of updating it as often as i could to make my portfolio consistent and up to date. Alas, with so many things happening, i was unable to do so. Going over my old works, i realized it represented a certain stage in my life where my works were wholly concentrated on my job (as you can clearly see, hehehe).

Nonetheless, it was a very interesting time, since i was persistently trying to merge my work with a lot more illustration, rather than a LOT of “photoshopped” images. In the end, photoshop won. I still am happy to see that despite that i was able to include in this gallery some of my more memorable works.

Yes, it was a bunch of good times and good stuff. 🙂

P.S. I’m happy to note that every so often i update it, this time with photos..and speaking of which, i decided to “formalize” my photos by creating a new photoblog (which is updated monthly) to showcase my fave shots. Please have a look-see here. I am also pretty excited that this renewed interest in photography is giving me a new direction in which i can direct my passion toward. Tune in for new photography endeavors! 🙂

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