Window Friday: James Jean

I promised you guys a window wednesday, so here;s my pick–my apologies for moving it two days later!

James Jean is probably known to me as the artist whose amazing artwork graces the cover of the FABLES comic series — i’ve always admired his work in that particular area since his illustrations make the story come alive, making the book more enticing to read. Yeah, he’s that good —did i mention he won awards for that? 🙂

Anyway, this Taiwanese-American artist really blew me away with his FABLES:1001 Nights of Snowfall cover, which was truly breathtaking– such an eloquent use of minimal colors and a very interesting composition of characters!

Checking out his site, i discovered his sketches, and these were truly wonderful to see. Graceful lines which make up this lovely scene — truly inspiring! I love how abstract his mind gets with all his sketches, yet they somehow fuse together to form this very visually catching piece that you can’t take your eyes away from.

His new work for the cover for the series Umbrella Academy, makes me want to read it already.


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