KomiKon 2008

I was late in coming in to the KomiKon* since i had a couple more errands to go to earlier that day, and as luck would have me, my camera’s battery decided to run out at that time, which accounts for some lousy blurry and limited pictures. *sigh* I do have certain highlights of the day which made the day extra special:

KomiKon 2008

– Getting my signed copies of Trese (yay!) and meeting the main man Budjette in the flesh (hi Budjette!)

– hanging out with college buddies, talking shop with some colleagues, seeing alumni friends and some very cool writers and illustrators of the field (hi Cynthia!)

-meeting Pinoy illustrator Lan Medina and getting my picture taken with him! hahah Ok, ultimate geek moment 😀 Lan Medina is the penciller for the  Eisner-award winning FABLES graphic novel, which is one of my favourite graphic novels! Got into serious geek mode , all gushy and awed in his presence (hahaha, cos i’m cool like that) 😀

*For more updates, please check out the KomiKon Blog.

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